Fractals and FractAli Art 
1525: Albrecht Durer made the Durer carpet, which is a pattern of pentagons that become continually smaller.
1872: Leibniz first formally introduced the idea of self-similar figures.
1904: Helge von Koch gave a geometric definition of a function is now called The Koch snowflake that was similar to the one that Weierstrass found.
1918: Gaston Julia a French mathematician who published a book on the iteration of rational functions which includes draws the sets of functions by hand and these types of fractals are now called Julia sets.
1938: Paul Levy described the Levy C curve in his 1938 paper Plane or Space Curviest Surfaces Consisting of Parts Similar to the Whole.
1958: FractAli was born
1960: Benoit Mandelbrot investigated self-similarity.
1975: Mandelbrot coined the term fractal
1979: Mandelbrot produced a computer generated image which known as the Mandelbrot Set.
1980: FractAli graduated from University as Chemical Engineer.
1982: Mandelbrot published The Fractal Geometry of Nature
Fractals are now used in many forms to create textured landscapes and other intricate models. It is possible to create all sorts of realistic fractal forgeries, images of natural scenes, such as lunar landscapes, mountain ranges and coastlines. This is seen in many special effects within Hollywood movies and also in television advertisements
1990: Computer generated Fractals was takingplace on art sceene.
1999: Fractali images were released on the web.
2002: Fractali takes place on Digital Art page of Nescafe live website as one of the 9 worldwide famous digital artists.
2003: Fractali winner of FAME-Fractal Art Museum Enterprise
2004: Mexico Chapingo University has referred Fractali to represent Fractal Art
2005: Solo Exhibition on Orion Mall
2009: Fractali on art periodicals and online art portals.
2010: Group Exhibition&Contest on Chianciano Art Museum (Italy)
2011: Florence Biennial in Italy
2012: Empathy-Group Exhibition on İstanbul Kiplas Art Gallery
2013: İzmir  Bieannial
2015: ‘‘Beats‘‘ Solo Exhibition in İstanbul

2016: He has been working as designer of fashion brand