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Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.

Fractal geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one that helps Everyman to see the same world differently.

Benoit Mandelbrot

At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, trending in a certain direction.

Aldous Huxley

Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?

Edward Lorenz

“When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God-made object like a tree or flower.If it clashes, it is not art

 Paul Cézanne                                       





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Signed Editions  

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Fractali art piece is generally an original singe edition which digitally signed by Artist.

A limited edition FractAli Art print is one that has been produced within a pre-definite number of prints from a single and fixed sized Fractal Master image by FractAli.

Single Edition has digitally numbered signuture which is  signed by artis suc has "FractAli-Gnarl-1/1-2014". This 1/1 points out single edition of this artworks.

Each limited edition of FractAli Art is limited in number to max.10 prints on fine art print.

So, for instance, a print numbered "FractAli-Gnarl-5/10-2014" indicates that it is the 5th print of Gnarl image in a print run of 10 which printed in year of 2014 under control and signed by FractAli.

Sold Prints are, titled and numbered by Artist signature digitally but online displayed FractAli images only include FractAli and name of art work without Limited edition number and printed year such as FractAli-Gnarl.

Artworks has preferably been printed as Diasec print but other print medias and sizes are also available. Please contact to artist for different print&media options.

Any online print (s) is of course FractAli art but not under warranty of FractAli which above mentioned scope and does not include any Limited Edition marks which signed by FractAli

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Fractal Fine Art Birth of Fractals

In 29 December 1979 , Lorenz at the annual meeting of American Society of Science Progress

made his speech about the “predictability” ,which described the chaos and the speech would be

known as the Butterfly Effect. When a butterfly flaps its wing in Brazil , does it cause a tornado in


On the other hand, a scientist who had a vast knowladge about geometry also working at IBM

was looking for a word to describe one of the principles established order of a geometric nature

intended-barbed ,tangled ,separated into small pieces, twisted, broken, scattered-some. Cigarette

smoke rises into the air return in the form of some irregular spirals. A flag in the wind, waves

splashing it from side to side. Tap dripping water falling at regular intervals before the order is

broken later. Air behavior, the behavior of oil flowing in pipes underground, there will be chaos .. "²

In the Euclidien geometry descrbing any object by the simpliest words in the geometry such as

circle, triangle, cone like was sufficent but in the nature we see clouds, waves, sea shores, the folds

of the leaf margin, the branches of a tree, the irregular nature, such as different types of vibrations

on the surface of the water, this was not easy to define simple forms.The word “Fractal” was used in

scientific article which is published in the magazine American Scientific written by Mandelbroth. The

article was about a question , “What is the length of the coast of Great Britain?”

According to Mandelbroth , the clouds were not spheres , mountains were not cone-likes and the

lightning does not spread in a straight line ,those things could not be defined by Euclidien geometry

and needed a name to identify it. When he was looking into the Latin dictionary belonging to his son

who just came back from the school , he noticed the word “fractus”. It was derived from the verb

frangere and the adjectives fracture and fraction just sounded similar ergo Mandelbroth called it



When Chaos was examined in itself the result was the concept of “self-similarity”. Thus ,Fractal

meant self-similar. Self-similarity at all levels means that scale symmetry. All in all ,it means

returning to the starting point


5, finding patterns in the patterns.

Mandelbrot, using technology in IBM with the latest technology of those years , he was able to

transform a massive amount of data into the computer graphics which is known as "Mandelbrot

set”. It shows the forms of so-called first glance, had created an endless complexity. When he

entered the interesting event that took place throughout the history at similar times such as the Nile

river water rise, prices of cotton, etc. The computer created the similar shapes. When you zoomed

to those complex images, its complexity and diversity continued as same.Was complexity moving

according to a pattern in itself?

Throughout the history , the chaos is the very center of the creation in legends of the ancient

times. In Chinese creation legend , the light rushes out from the chaos ; in Egyptian mythology , the

god of Sun-Ra- was risen from chaotic floods called Nun. According to Hesiod , first of all there was


The classical science stops when chaos starts. As long as physics has existed , the laws of nature

was questioned however physicians weren’t different than uneducated people when it came down

to the atmosphere, turbulent seas, the populations of wild fluctuations, the irregularity of the heart

and brain vibrations says says James Gleick, " Chaos-A New Theory of Science "² in the preface of his


Fractal Images

Chaos is an art that is created by chaos philosophy ,theory and visuals, computer work-however

not all of the work is done by it- working on complex mathematical without needing the know the

mathematics ; worked as a photo but not taken whereas the color, light and shadow have huge

importance; beginning the work with an empty screen such as starting with an empty canvas and

filled with creativity by the artist, in 24-bit true color.

As a brief scientific background information on chaos and its expositions –fractals- are used

everywhere , from design of bridges, anatomy, design parameters for spacecraft began to be used in

fields ranging from animations in Holywood movies, created by the visual beauty, and then after

1995 it was used as a software package by many digital artists. Expressed in complex patterns of

non-linear formulas, fractal image at a later stage, starting with "self" to resemble "the visual beauty

of symmetry and chaos that is within.

A fractal image begins with progress of selecting a formula in the program. The selected formula

sometimes is a simple thing just like a dot on the screen ,sometimes a blank screen or a draft.

However, each point represents the very secrets of chaos and is produced by a mathmetical formula

which can be complex or simple. Afterwards,anywhere in the image is selected then another

formula is added to the selected area (iteration) thus a new image appears in front of your eyes.

Moreover the image that is produced is transformed to another image who has been made in the

same way(twisting,breaking). If the image is completed , the layer is fixed and the other layer will be

the one that you are working on until you’re satisfied. Fractal images have limited predictability and

infinite amount of coincidences within itself. Fractal images are not started to become a portrait of a

human nor a tree. However , in any phase of a fractal image , many unforeseen things can come up ,

such as in the image below the Spanish Dancer , you can have the classical art whereas in the Green

Planet , you can find a simple stylized planet in symmetry.


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2: Chaos James Gleick, Çeviren Fikret ÜçcanTUBİTAK

3: The Fractal Geomety of Nature,Benoit B.Mandelbrot, Freeman and Company 1977

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5: Change and Chaos David Ruelle.Ceviren Deniz Yurtören TUBİTAK

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